Navigation on this website

This webpage has a navigation principal which is universal on all subsites.

For changing between different languages, you can find at the top the buttons to select the language.

At the end of the page you can find control devices to go directly to the top of the page, to go back to the last page or to print the actual page.

Modification of the font size

If your display resolution is not good, you can change between different font sizes.

In most of the internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer you can change the font size in the menu „View“ and „Font“. In Opera you can reach it by „View“ and „Zoom factor“.

On this webpage, you can change the font size by clicking on the "Aa+" and "Aa-" buttons.

Furthermore you can change the size via shortcuts:

Mozilla Firefox, Netscape:

[Ctrl] [+] increases the font size
[Ctrl] [-] reduces the font size
[Ctrl] [scroll wheel] increases and reduces
[Ctrl] [0] resizes to normal size

Internet Explorer:

[Ctrl] [scroll wheel] increases and reduces


10%-steps with [+] and [-] of keypad
100%-steps with [Ctrl] [+] and [Ctrl] [-]
[*] of the keypad resizes to normal size

Full-text search

The full-text search helps you to browse of different keywords in the whole webpage (as well as in other languages). Just put in the word you search for in the blue field on the upper right area of this page and press the button on the right. The results will be presented in the main part of the page.

You can as well just use the full-text search right here: